The Team

We're passionate hunters dedicated to publishing the best information to hunters in the West.

Pat Hoglund

Publisher, Executive Editor

(503) 284-4383

Pat grew up hunting and continued into adulthood hunting waterfowl, upland game birds and big game. In 2004, he pursued his other passion: fishing for salmon and steelhead. After publishing the first issue of Salmon & Steelhead Journal, Pat grew his company’s list of sporting titles to four. Western Hunting Journal is the fifth title published in conjunction with Brookwood Press, Inc. Pat hunts multiple states every year including Oregon where he lives. While it’s hard to top his 2017 bighorn sheep hunt, Pat’s most memorable hunting experience is hunting with his son when he killed his first blacktail buck. Pat is publisher and executive editor of Western Hunting Journal.

Travis Moncrief


(503) 812-5416

Travis has hunted in multiple states throughout the West; however, he has spent most of his time hunting deer and elk in Oregon, where he grew up. He’s an accomplished hunter in multiple disciplines, including archery, black powder and rifle hunting. His passion for hunting transcends his other pursuits, which included owning a fishing lodge-camp in Alaska and a successful business where he’s guided fishermen in Alaska and Oregon. Travis’s most memorable hunting trip—and there have been many—was hunting with his father in 2016 when he killed a bighorn sheep in Oregon.

Kevin Madison

Shooting Editor

(503) 284-4383

Kevin is a student of shooting and hunting, two specialties that lend themselves well to being the magazine’s Shooting Editor. His knowledge of shooting is vast, but more importantly his passion for hunting big game is greater. Along with shooting competitively, Kevin is an avid big game hunter. After graduating from Oregon State University, he guided elk, deer and bear hunters in Montana and Idaho. He continues to pursue big game throughout the West, having recently hunted in Wyoming, Arizona, Idaho and in his home state of Oregon. His most memorable hunts are filling his bighorn sheep tag in Oregon and killing an elk in Arizona after waiting 14 years to draw the tag.

Eric Martin

Gear Editor

(503) 284-4383

If there was a degree for outdoor engineering Eric would have his PhD in it and he’d be teaching at a prestigious university. Since that doesn’t exist, Eric instead focuses his eye for detail on reviewing outdoor gear in several Brookwood Press publications including Salmon & Steelhead Journal and now Western Hunting Journal. Eric takes his passion for hunting and breaks down complicated subjects and present them to readers in a reader-friendly format. He grew up hunting and today Eric hunts throughout the West but spends most of his time hunting in his home state of Oregon. His most memorable hunt was killing a 6-point bull in 2016 in the Mount Emily Unit, one of the most coveted rifle tags in Oregon.

Ken Cook

Art Director

(503) 284-4383

After a successful career as a designer for companies like Nike, Adidas, and Benneton, Ken was hired as the art director for Brookwood Press, Inc. in 2004. And he’s never looked back. He has been instrumental in shaping the look and feel of every magazine published since. If you’re keeping score at home, that is over 100 issues and over 8,000 pages (and counting). Ken grew up hunting, and today is a passionate shooter. Some of Ken’s most memorable hunting experiences are hunting pheasants with his father in Nebraska where he grew up.

Don Thomas

Back Page Editor

(503) 284-4383

Don has been writing about his hunting and fishing pursuits for the better part of 30 years. He has worked as a physician, bush pilot, commercial fisherman and guide. Today, his entire focus is on writing where he writes for numerous publications. An avid bowhunter and wingshooter, Don has authored 20 books on various subjects ranging from fishing, hunting dogs, and archery hunting in Alaska and Montana, where he’s lived most of his adult life. He is Western Hunting Journal’s Back Page Editor.

Rob Endsley

Field Editor

(503) 284-4383

Rob is one of the true gems in the hunting industry who's knowledge and passion surpasses most of his counterparts in the industry. Rob hunts several states every year pursuing big game and his success mirrors his enthusiasm for the sport. When his big game hunts come to an end, Rob picks up his shotgun and is dogged in his pursuit of waterfowl. Rob's contributions to Western Hunting Journal not only complement the magazine's editorial mission, but help deliver on educating, entertaining and informing its readers.

Jason Brooks

Field Editor

(503) 284-4383

Jason Brooks is an avid outdoorsman who hunts throughout the West focusing on mule deer, elk, black bear, predators and upland birds. When not hunting in the mountains of Idaho or Washington's backcountry he spends time in his drift boat on Olympic Peninsula rivers fishing for salmon and steelhead.He is an accomplished author with over 500 articles published in various magazines in the past ten years. His photography has been featured on nine different magazine covers with over 1,500 published photographs. He lives in Puyallup, Washington with his wife and two boys.

Jeff Martin

Field Editor

(503) 284-4383

Jeff was born in the Pacific Northwest and introduced to his passion for big game hunting at a young age by his father, who was an accomplished outdoorsman for over fifty years. Following high school, Jeff embarked on an eight-year professional baseball career that allowed ample time to hunt the high country during the off-season. His adventures have spanned multiple western states for a variety of big game animals. His writings have appeared in the Western Hunting Journal, oftentimes touching on the mental challenges of pursuing big game in the remote and unforgiving mountain ranges of the West. After years of training and implementing mental performance techniques and strategies, both as a professional athlete and current law enforcement officer, Jeff adds a unique perspective to a topic generally overlooked. During the spring Jeff can be found chasing long bearded turkeys in southeast Washington; however, when the leaves change color and the nights turn cold, he can typically be found in a backcountry camp of Wyoming, Idaho, Washington state, or Montana, searching for mature elk and deer. Jeff has four children and currently resides in Washington with his wife and two daughters.

The Magazine

Western Hunting Journal will cover all hunting in the West. Expect in-depth gear reviews, world-class hunts, expert shooting advice, industry news, and hunting information that is relevant to hunters who chase big game, waterfowl and upland gamebirds. This will not be your run-of-the-mill hunting magazine filled with ‘Me and Joe’ hunting stories. It will be complemented with excellent photography, great writing and smart design. We have assembled a team of hard-core hunters with a passion for bringing the best hunting information to those who hunt in Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico,  Alaska, Alberta and British Columbia. It’s what hunters want, what the industry needs, and what you will come to love.