Base Camp Full Zip Sweater

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Base Camp Full Zip Sweater

Base Camp 

Full Zip Sweater

KUIU’s new Base Camp Full Zip Sweater will create a dilemma for anyone who owns one. Do you wear it around town, or do you wear it while hunting? The answer is simple. Both. 

While they call it a camp sweater, it can be used to layer for light-duty hunting as well. Made from low-density, high-loft yarns it is an extremely comfortable jacket. KUIU sent one to be tested and this is one of the most comfortable fleece-like jackets around. It wears great, looks great and can double as a jacket you can wear to the office, to the grocery store or in the mountains where you can use it for layering under your hunting jacket. And when you get back to camp, it’s perfect for sitting around the fire. 

Men have several options to choose: full zip, pullover, hooded full zip and a vest. There are two options for women: full zip and hooded full zip. Men have up to five colors to choose depending on style and there are four color options for women in the sweater and two in hooded sweater. Sizes run true to size. The price won’t make you blush, either. 

If you’re looking for a gift for yourself (just saying), or a hunter who’s hard to buy for, this is a great gift. It’s not a technical piece of clothing so you won’t have to worry about whether that person needs the item. Rather, you just have to worry if they’ll like it. And that’s an easy answer. Of course they will. 


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