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Residence: Oregon
Species: Black Bear
Area: Southwest Oregon - Coast Range
Season: Spring 2020
Score: Estimated 200 lbs - 5'10" wingspan
Rifle: Savage AXIS 30-06
Ammunition: Winchester Power Max 180gr
Outfitter: Self-Guided

Hunting Story:
My friend David Coughlin and I found a bear for him about a month before this one on our first trip hunting trip of the season. About a mile from where we found his, we saw this boar in a clearcut a couple of hours before dark at 350 yards. We were able to sneak down the timber line to 220 yards for an easier shot. I made a good shot on him (one lung and the heart) and he didn't make it far before cartwheeling to the creek bottom. I'm looking forward to enjoying the meat and putting the hide to good use as well.

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