ClymR Mountain Rifle System: Lightweight and Long Range Capable

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May 1, 2020
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November 18, 2020

ClymR Mountain Rifle System: Lightweight and Long Range Capable

The Gunwerks ClymR is the ideal lightweight, long range capable mountain rifle platform. Pair the ultralight, high-performance carbon fiber ClymR stock with a carbon wrapped barrel and titanium GLR action, topped with your compact optic of choice, for an 8 lb. package that will outshoot most systems twice its weight.  

Billed as a mountain hunting rifle with long-range capability, the Gunwerks ClymR is built on the company’s GLR action, which is a Remington 700-style action. The GLR action is for both left and right-handed shooters; it’s also available in either stainless steel or titanium. The carbon wrapped barrel comes In 18”, 20” and 22” length options. Barrels come threaded with the choice of a matched thread cap, directional muzzle brake or suppressor. 

The ClymR is available in a variety of chamberings from 22 Creedmoor up to 300 Win, with 6.5 PRC and 28 Nosler among the most popular. Standard floorplate and detachable box magazine options are available.

Meanwhile, the carbon fiber stock features a flush-mount bipod rail; Gunwerks recoil pad; integrated flush cup QD sling mounts; and an aluminum bedding block. The stock weighs under 2 pounds and is available in a dozen different finishes.

Gunwerks is not a rifle assembler. Gunwerks rifle systems are built from premium components engineered and built by Gunwerks to function as a system. The result is a rifle system far superior to contemporary “assembled” custom guns.

Gunwerks rifle systems can be custom configured from a list of combinations available well into the tens of millions. The result is a rifle built to exactly fit every long range shooter’s needs. Rifle systems can be built to order or are available on the shelf in limited quantities coming in many popular configurations. “1000 yards out of the box” is the Gunwerks mantra with rifle systems coming to their owners in complete, proven, turn-key long range systems.

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