Pecos 2073 Quail & Pointer Buckle Set

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November 18, 2020
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November 18, 2020

Pecos 2073 Quail & Pointer Buckle Set

Clint Orms is from Wichita Falls, Texas and grew up in a rodeo family and from a young age he was surrounded by some of the best cowboys that were a true inspiration to him. He admired their lifestyle and integrity and aspired to make products that reflect the timeless values of the western heritage.

During his high school years Clint began making hand-tooled leather belts and quickly realized that belts were going to wear out and be thrown away, and that’s when he decided to make something that would endure a lifetime and pass from generation to generation.

Growing up in Texas he admired the old classic buckles that grandparents wore and passed down to their grandchildren who carried on the western tradition wearing and cherishing the buckles their grandfather gave them. At sixteen he started traveling to meet and train under several silver designers throughout the West. They taught him the basic skills he needed, and he worked hard to learn a great deal on his own. Clint studied vintage belt buckles and antique silver teapots, flatware, gambling chips and Victorian jewelry to gain the knowledge he has today.  

Today Clint Orms Silversmith and Engravers produce buckles and accessories that spark the same wonderful memories today. Clint’s desire as a western silversmith engraver is to inspire his co-workers to do their best each day and to create a product that endures and can be shared for many generations: past, present and future. They do not make things cheap or fast, they produce products that are world-class quality. When you purchase a Clint Orms buckle you are participating in keeping the western heritage alive.  Clint is proud to say that all his products are made in the USA, a country they are proud to support and call home. Clint expresses how blessed he is by the wonderful people in his life who have instilled in him the importance of quality, hustle and patience in his work and life.

A great example of his work is the Pecos 2073 Quail & Pointer Buckle Set, a 1″ sterling silver ranger buckle set with five 14-karat green gold quail and two 14-karat rose gold pointers on the tip. The entire set is handmade, and gun engraved with a matte finish that really makes the quail and pointers stand out.  It’s the perfect buckle for any hunting enthusiast.

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