World’s Finest Trimmer

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November 18, 2020
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World’s Finest Trimmer

World’s Finest 


If you handload rifle cartridges, then you’ll want the World’s Finest Trimmer from Little Crow Gunworks. This has become a reloader game changer.

In 2006 the market for long range rifles was in its infancy and quickly becoming exceedingly popular with shooting enthusiasts, recognizing tremendous potential. With their 18 years of experience in the firearms industry working for and with many top retailers and custom rifle builders in the industry they decided to couple practical experience with product quality knowledge to build superior rifles that lead the industry to build a reputable company that manufacturers several ingenious tools for the firearm industry.

LCG continues to increase their product lines, services, and loyal customer base by specializing in work they sincerely enjoy. Hunting, match shooting and Leagues have become a lifestyle not just a hobby. 

For those of you that share this passion and understand the costs and struggles related to consumable ammo and finding the ideal load. LCG is committed to meet and exceed customers’ needs.

 No more cumbersome hand cranking to trim your brass casings, the WFT is a precision tool that simplifies the process using your hand held drill by simply placing  a sized case into the WFT and engage the drill. When the casing is trimmed to perfection it stops the trimming process saving you time and performs flawlessly every time.

LCG is a small, family-owned and operated gunsmithing shop providing top quality products and customer service. LCG understands the evolution of the marketplace and pride their work on providing the best products in the industry, never settling for second best. Your satisfaction is always their top priority and will build you a rifle to hunt for a lifetime, or a rifle for that hunt of a lifetime.

$69.95 (WFT)

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