ZOLEO Satellite Communicator

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November 18, 2020
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November 18, 2020

ZOLEO Satellite Communicator

Satellite Communicator

ZOLEO Inc. delivers the world’s first truly seamless global messaging solution for smartphones with its Satellite Communicator. 

A compact device that connects via Bluetooth with a free app on an Android or Apple smartphone/tablet, the ZOLEO Satellite Communicator provides a uniquely seamless global messaging experience that follows you in and out of mobile coverage. Having the peace of mind is priceless knowing that you have personal safety features like check-in, hyper-local weather forecasts, and 24/7 worldwide SOS when venturing off-the-grid. Users also receive a dedicated SMS number that can be shared with contacts that they want to be accessible to.

This is the first consumer-focused messaging solution of its kind based on Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD), cellular and Wi-Fi standards. ZOLEO Inc., an emergency global messaging solutions company, is partnering with Beam Communications Pty Ltd. and Roadpost Inc., ZOLEO. 

Using the Satellite Communicator you can stay connected with friends and family while hunting where cell coverage is hard to find. ZOLEO aims to be the value leader in its category with an MSRP that won’t make you blush, and monthly satellite messaging plans ranging from $20 – $50 for a plan with unlimited usage. All ZOLEO plans include the option to suspend service temporarily when not in use. 

ZOLEO’s unique two-way messaging capabilities include:

• Dedicated SMS number & email address for easier, faster connectivity.

• Familiar, non-technical messaging for smartphone users.

• An app that seamlessly transitions between Wi-Fi, cellular and SBD over the Iridium satellite network.

• Long messages of 950 characters or more.

$199.00 (plan not included)


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